Come Sweet Sisters…

Come sweet sisters…dance with me

Haunt the corners of my soul

Worship as motion stirs recesses never seen

Breathe before stillness steals sensation

Embracing wicked lights fantastic


Whisper sweet sisters…sing with me

Intoxicate my dreams where drums enchant

And mantras dark rap euphoric

Swoon in rhythm as hearts surrender

Chanting heaven’s night ecstatic


Weep sweet sisters…reminisce with me

Descend now to Earth’s delight

Each sweet season weaves a story full

Meaning mutates where adoration whispers

And dev0tion bends strange


Be still sweet sisters…dream with me

Tangled bodies rife with splendor

Reach into one another’s arms

Glistening beams renew Winter’s naked branches

As luscious heat evokes every moment


Light gently sweet sisters…devour me

As scorching fire newly lit consumes

Melting yesterday’s ice ridden world

Now full of heat,

Full of light

Full of love










Come sweet sisters…dance with me…


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