Kristina SanbornA spirit-driven, animal-loving, contentedly-married, writer/artist/mystic.

As a child Kristina was never encouraged to be an artist, beyond occasional shows her parents begged her to perform for their two martini amusement…she was never given any early formal training.

But even before Kindergarten…when Kindergarten was where you learned your ABC’s…Kristina would pick up a pad of paper and a pencil, sit down quite seriously at the kitchen table and scribble away.  Her parents would pick up her dribbly bits and fawn over her abilities.  She knew it was nothing but gobbledy goop on the page…but she loved the compliments and in her imagination it was a light story of fantastic proportions.

By the time Kristina was twelve she was deeply rooted in the ways of “The Little Prince” and “Siddhartha”.  They were her springboard into magical writings filled with metaphors and hidden meanings.  By the time she was 16 she was bitten by the acting bug and entered USIU’s School of Performing and Visual Arts. She spent 25+ years as a professional actress working in many of the finest theaters on the west coast from ACT and the Intiman in Seattle to South Coast Rep and The Old Globe in Southern California.  She produced theater at the Tiffany and Blue Sphere Alliance in Los Angeles and was a founding member of The Blank Theater. After retiring from acting Kristina returned to her first love of writing and entered Writer’s Bootcamp’s Think Tank program and was trained under the direct tutelage of its founder Jeff Gordon and later became a founding member of Bivouac.

Then on February 14, 2010 Kristina turned 55 years old, was diagnosed with Parkinson’s and her beloved Shar-pei died in her arms late that same evening.  Quite a day.  Fortunately she has been blessed with good friends and caring family. Her writing coupled with her strongly held spiritual beliefs has given her an outlet to deal with her latest physical challenge. And in a magical way it has deepened her experience of life.

From her deep love of spirit and the profoundly personal love she shares with her husband Ron, her writing is born.  It is her greatest desire to share her experiences so that she might help others heal the wounds within their own souls.

“Faith is the Path
Grace is the Bridge
Surrender is the Gate
Love is the Garden”

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