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Bucking Up

Posted on May 29 by

She soars Then tumbles Turns this way then that Clouds fill her vision A dreamtime acrobatist Free and unafraid Yet still filled with dread   A low hum sooths A baby’s...


Entering the Cave

Posted on May 29 by

The warehouse bedazzled A cave full of riches Smells from Mother’s world Wafted through Filling her with almost dread Boxes piled high Reflecting a life well...


The Temporary Staging Area

Posted on May 17 by

A home for the recently departed Where spirits mingle And souls are wrangled   Walls of red-flocked paper And black leather furniture A coffer suggesting mourning Framed...


Carpe Diem

Posted on May 17 by

  Sleeping like… Stopping herself mid sentence The phrase too perfect to exclaim She peered into the room Where her Mother’s last days Lived in a kind of innocent...


The Eulogy

Posted on May 7 by

It’s challenging to hone down who my Mother was. She was so many, many things. She was kind, strong, innocent, charming, impossible, artistic, conservative, wild,...


Final Days

Posted on Apr 6 by

Passing through the doorway Once more I see her face blank In drug induced pain relief She stares out the window Her moans a mantra of sorts Pausing before reaching the bed Now...