Sipping Tea With Golden Kobi

Life Lessons I am learning through my Golden Retriever Kobi…along with his side kick Little Guy Oscar…and introducing the now infamous Lita…


This project began as a blog I created while recovering from shoulder replacement surgery.  During this period of my life I had a difficult time being still…then one day along came pain, excruciating pain in my right shoulder.  The eventuality of this was a shoulder replacement.  After the surgery along with a three day stay in the hospital, all I could manage was blankly staring at the television…boredom soon followed and I began observing my beloved boy, my Kobi.  As I witnessed his ways, his moods, his being I became more and more aware of the teacher that he was to me and the place he served in my heart.

During those initial few months of recovery he never left my side but still lived moment to moment in his own world.  As I began writing the lessons he was offering to me, I gained strength…healing physically but also emotionally.

Now I am taking these lessons and putting them into a table top book of inspiration.  Hopefully the bones of stories he has imparted to me will inspire others on their own path.

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