Mystic Wayfarer…One Soul’s Journey Into Light

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A poetry book dedicated to the healing of Souls

For years Kristina had randomly written poetry on scraps of paper and numerous false start journals. Two years after being diagnosed with Parkinson’s she decided to compile this poetry hoping she might offer inspiration to others who are dealing with various life challenges..

The book covers a fifteen year period of time from when she first laid down her acting career to recalling repressed memories of child abuse to the healing she experienced through the deep love she shares with her husband and how that love lead her to her ever deepening spiritual life where she was finally ready to deal with her diagnosis of Parkinson’s.


There is a kind of darkness that from time to time descends over the human spirit.  And it’s in those dark times that the true soul’s emergent growth occurs.  There is no replacement for transcendence.  When we dive into the muck and mire, there is a kind of transformative beauty that blossoms and awakens the soul.  Like those moments of first love’s blush when the ecstasy and pain share equal space within the heart.  There’s a peace where pain brings us into the present moment.  Pain transcends time and informs the depth of love that lives within the great chasm of our divine spirit and we become still, undistracted, present.

Grief, tears, and yes rage allow the great force of transformation to take its place within our embodiments.  It’s in these moments that our deepest pains enter the bounty of pure love and teach us of our true nature.   We awaken bit by bit.  At first we observe the light of our soul as a faraway pinnacle like the headlight of a distant oncoming train.  The light appears nonthreatening, a simple reminder of the soul’s voice.  But the pinhole of light expands as it approaches and we begin to experience a rush of excitement, an urge to enter that light.  We become mesmerized.  Like the train approaching, we are hypnotized into the light that is no longer a pinhole but a brightening beacon rushing forward without any possibility of stopping.  It’s full force, straight ahead.  We are now within the circle of that light.  Every cell, molecule, atom is engaged in the transformation.  And we surrender to its call.

Again, like those dark times, the light draws us into a moment by moment experience of the present and we become submerged.  The balance of light playing and dark dancing happens through the juncture of love’s divine presence through our being.  Every moment of who we are echoes through the arc of love and we experience those dark nights of the soul swimming, playing with our mergence into the light.  Without love there is no embrace, no refinement; but without the dark there would be no awakening into the light.  And the circle of our spirit to matter and back again quickens.

These poems are an expression of my own awakening into my humanity.  Without humanity and the experience of the spectrum of dark to light and back again, there would be no play amongst the Divine.  And the Divine is right here with us in every moment of our existence, expression and embodiment of love, light and dark, with all her various shades in-between.

I invite you to enter each poem diving into your own experience of the many moments of oneness you have known in your own lives.

As my soul touches your heart and your soul touches mine through the sweet pages that lie in between us…

Kristina Sanborn

With love and blessings,






The female mystic is an unusual thing to find out in the wide open these days. Oh, we may see them self-advertised at expo fairs and in high end self-improvement retreats. But this is not wide open. These are diversions of the glitter of perfectionism. The female mystic is not concerned with product, self-improvement, and the glamour of being held on a pedestal. She has one all-consuming aim. Union.

Internal union is the passion to unite all of one’s own parts into the field of God/dess and yearn for its reflection. In the mystic’s path it is only through the deepest surrender and truth seeing that one can unite with God/dess. And even this may not be guaranteed. But so hungry is the yearning that the true mystic is choice-less. There is no other way than what the soul calls for.Yearning is what allows the heart to be set ablaze. A fire is then born in which to keep offering the hard shells of our defenses against absolute love. I have born witness to Kristina’s offering to this fire again and again. What emerges from here is the mirror of her poems. These poems which reflect an unedited kaleidoscope of the deepest human experiences which in turn become the deepest roots of our Divinity.

As we bear witness to the relentless touch of time and sometimes our frustration at not being able to stop the wheel, it is the poet who brings us this gift of the timeless. Kristina’s writing allows us to feel the wheel as it turns from despair and contractions to the experience of beauty which takes us outside time itself. Her poems anchor us deeply into our own humanity yet allow us to find a doorway outside of limited human existence when we need a reprieve.

“Mystic Wayfarer, One Souls Journey into Light” is an invitation into this Dance of the Embrace. Poem by poem, line by line, and word by word, each a step of turning towards all that we are conditioned to turn against. Oh, what a joy it is!”

Nita Rubio (aka Nisha Bhairavi) Yogini & Master Teacher of The Tantric Dance of Feminine Power.

What People Are Saying About…

“Over the course of more years than I care to admit, I’ve been witness to Kristina’s multi-faceted talents as actress, musician, writer, composer, fellow spiritual seeker and dear friend. Of all of her worthy endeavors, perhaps most compelling is her poetry. It is a reflection of her soul; an out-picturing of her inner and outer travels and, as such, a daily mantra of a visionary creative spirit; an expression for you to share and experience with her in consciousness. Mystic Wayfarer, One Soul’s Journey Into Light is powerful, purposeful, intimate, and, like Kristina herself, utterly unique in its power to alter your world. It is profoundly personal, yet it reveals a recognizable, emergent collective wisdom. As you revel in each stanza, you are invited to delight in your own quest for ecstasy, seeking union with the Divine through a discovery of your own unfolding divinity, held in each painful, joyful, cherished moment of humanness.”  ~ Donna Walker, Host/Producer “Pacifica Performance Showcase,” KPFK 90.7 FM, Pacifica Radio.

“Within the rhythm of her excellent poesy, Kristina Sanborn walks us through a life well-earned. One wants to travel with each individual poem in a front pocket, and take it out to look at its map – which means there will be the pleasure of dancing through its theme once more – and then satisfied, ready oneself for the adventure of the following stride. And though they each stand on their own, I found the collection of poems to be mighty and muscular when read in a conscious promenade, for the complete work engages the reader’s mind to an insistent and necessary wayfaring, a forward motion, a need. The prize is a most certain peace of mind, as her beautiful images leap up and encircle you on your walk – like luminous autumn leaves in a very brave wind.”

~ Randall Stuart, Founder & Director of CERIMON HOUSE, A Sanctuary for the Humanities

“Kristina’s poetry, in her new book Mystic Wayfarer, moves in the serpentine ways of women’s mystery. Seeping into the soul and dancing you from the inside out. Her journey carries you to places near and far, inside and out and brings you back to the home of your own body with infinite grace and beauty. It has been a joy and a privilege to bear witness to her journey and dance in the mystery with her. May others come to find as much joy, pleasure and value in her words as I have.”

~ Sandy Pendleton, MA, Teacher and Coach, Women’s Mysteries

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