She soars

Then tumbles

Turns this way then that

Clouds fill her vision

A dreamtime acrobatist

Free and unafraid

Yet still filled with dread


A low hum sooths

A baby’s cry

Igniting the world

Opening her eyes

She spies a lapel pin of wings

On a blue clad uniform


Her mission

To be with Mom


Impatient restless

She settles on reading

Not understanding a single word

She returns to clouds

Soaring high

This time undisturbed

Until the bounce of a runway

Gathering belongings

She wonders


Will she make it in time?


Making her way

Through a safari of humans

She stumbles into baggage

Dizzy in fearful grief

Did she remember the driver?

But then

A sign held introduction

Dressed every ounce the mortician

Eases her




Her over packed bag

Hard to lift

Is surrendered

Into this black suit clad angel’s

Capable arms

Escorting her

Into the parking garage


His town car the confessional

She clears her mind

Unloading the burden

Sharing every detail

Her Mother’s story of woe…


The doctor’s diagnosis

Gentle but firm

Two weeks to two months

Mother asks what can be done


Pain management

The consolation prize



Recovering her dignity

“Well it’s been a lovely afternoon Doctor”

A soft laughter fills the room

She is wheeled out still not believing

But none of us do

And we head home in silence

Bucking up


Now there is nothing left

Nothing but the cry of crows



As she clings to the hope

That Mother will be blessed

With an easy exit


They wind through rain soaked streets

The skies crying for her

Frozen heartache


Some way

She must

Buck up