Within Creation’s Light

Slipping away in unswept corners of my heart

I burst open into sky’s sorrow

Bridging what must never be spoken


Receiving messages within craze-filled wondering

I believed what was once only a sound

Becoming still within shadow’s churning


I wasted Time




Then you walked through the door once again

Bowing deeply as you crossed the threshold

Full of graceful humility abounding


I whispered my fears to you

You allowed all my thoughts to trickle away

Guiding me into circles of delight


I surrendered Time




I swam beneath the heavenly realms

Bathing in blue’s cooling sensations

Breaching what I believed could never resonate


Circling, swirling, dancing once again

Embraced in the afterglow of your wisdom’s eternity

I entered divine madness


I embraced Time




Becoming nothing but your shadow’s light

Senseless with desire for heaven’s anointment

I wandered through time’s illusion


Once again believing you a ghost

I swept your teachings into dusty corners

Devoting myself to words never spoken


I merged Time




Walking into dream time’s embrace

I hunted your story of creation

Hoping the myth a tale of truth astounding


Opening my heart, my mind, my desire

I slipped spell-bound into your vision

Becoming one with creation’s light


I am Time





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