Cosmic Mother

I haunted twilight
Hopscotching through a galaxy of window panes
My dreams filled with sharp corners
Slinking through worlds of tortured sorrow

But then…
She appeared before me
Filling my heart
Her essence an awakening
The moon’s crescent
Burned through my window
Celebrating a silent deafening desire
I sat drenched in Her silver light

Lifting my chest skyward
I flew
The sky filled my senses
Tickling the star’s underbellies
I sounded the mantras
Splashed rainbow colors across the sky
Breathing in Her glittering essence

Leaping from system to system
Drenched in space’s darkening slumber
I soared in timeless joy
All my fears had vanished
She fed my being so completely
I bowed in a puddling stupor before Her
Tenderly touching my brow to Her feet

Hitching a ride to an unknown star
I bent my neck backward
So as to receive Her healing
The silver nectar dripped onto my throat
Then slid slowly down my front
Into my heart of hearts
My very soul

The earthly Mother I never knew
The cosmic Mother I had always dreamed
Shown themselves completely that night
And as they shared their essence
I saw, knew, felt how they had informed
Who I am

My being

My light

My soul

The very immortal that I am