Soured Fragments

You dangled a treasure map
Replacing understanding with confusion
Sweetening a story
That offered a mythic truth
Filled with purpose
I poured my soul open
And barren for you
You turned away
Leaving me with nothing
But soured fragments
You called blessings

A thousand questions unanswered
A thousand words left unsaid
Silence greeted time
Creating a gap
Where loosing you
Stung that much more

I pleaded with Mother
Let me feel nothing
But that was not to be
She remained silent
Offering me a gift
To breath
And bend
And bleed
Until my heart cracked
Then opened

Precious thoughts burst
Like a thousand suns
Feeding each moment
With a kind of nourishment
Allowing me to discover
Who I am
And why I am
And how I am

The experience of you was resplendent
But tortuous


Expecting nothing