He stepped lightly into my world

Arms open, heart illumined more so

Who was this magician looming so close yet so far?

His arms always open

I shied…sweetly stepping back still wondering

The noisy café drowned out my answer

Yet when I closed my eyes

His heart remained true

Still ablaze with desire

Open to my fear

I trembled, sighing

Was he the one?


The sweet smell of skin touching skin

Scorched me so deep a red I lay back still wondering…

The noise, the way, the smell, the fire…arms open


Can I trust that light-hearted embrace?

So uplifted and easy his love never tires

His love never tires…

His love never tires…

The noisy café drowned out the music of love’s soft carress

Ever opening my heart


I sat in the wake of my belly trembling

I soured sweetly to the youth I never knew

And tumbled into his arms now having the youth yet unknown

The unfamiliar lightness sat still in me

Was this how life is supposed to be?


The answering damning light into the unknown

Met my soul with a resounding



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