Dawn Awakening

Awakening in a dream delighting…

The sound of the waves

The feel of sand between toes

A sunset melting over the horizon

As night descended I found myself

Skimming through the dark

Musing upon the light within

A Wayfarer’s vision intoxicating my soul


I dreamt of another time

Sparkling light filled orange crested mountains

The morning sunrise ablaze in blues and greens

Clouds reflected the daybreak’s first light

Hillsides blanketed with flowers

Ripe in colors never seen

Perhaps shades of silver and gold

In truth I would be pushed to tell


Capturing the innocence of dreamswept fairytales

Streaks of lightening rained down

A Goddess glowing midnight blue beckoned

Awakening soul’s light within

Heart and womb opening in equal measure

A state of awe in constant expansion

She stood by the river’s edge calling my name

Every name, thee name

Sister I called her

The word a cacophony of celestial bells ringing

She held up the mirror

I understood my true self awakening


The dream became its own world

I dove into the celestial quagmire

Seasoned full of sensory delights

A breeze whispered past

So scrumptious as to set my mouth to water

A combination of oatmeal cookies and jasmine

Somehow these two danced lightly

Ringing in a time when childhood was graceful


And the dream deepened into infinite expansion

Through the music and the mantra, through the mantra and the muse

Sensuous lips moved forming a dance storied in make-believe

Pure delight reined as I frolicked in the early morning light

To run on the land, skip through the air and tremor in the sea

To believe in fairy tales when others barely do

I yearned for Ma’s nursery rhymes

Mantras dipped in chocolate and lullabies


Nightmare’s remnants melted into tenderness

Time embodied the early pain of a life less traveled

The music lay deep and unending

Light chimed its whispers floating just above the horizon

And as the sun rose my voice caught fire

Glimmering in songs of angelic skies

Dancing in the light of dawn’s embrace

Bursting in fragments of ecstasy

Full yet still in the heat of healing

The body tightened with memories

It had been too long to jump

But there had been peace in the waiting


 I fell into the dream of multi colors

Magical in its majesty

My heart opened

Words spilled forth skipping…

Dancing on the breeze

I sat waiting for inspiration’s voice


This time with a cool fever

And she came tearing open the light

Still reaching within the dream…

I climbed the golden silver hillside

Walking for miles it seemed

Each new site surrendering to tell a story

I tussled in the telling

Images rushed past void of understanding

I shimmered with innocence unwinding

My life riddled in circumstances

Breathing in the light of hidden dreams


I listened to the rainbow’s call

The rustling of Spring’s newly born leaves

Honored the wind as their ancient conductor

I joined them jubilant, chanting

Mother Crow cocked her head

Demanding I whisper into silence

I bowed in supplication, smiling within

Each soul then raised their voice in harmony

Sitting tall amongst the tree’s roots

Motionless, spell bound

I delighted in nature’s revival


Again the ecstatic dream came alive in wonder

Crossing the boundaries of the everlight

I paused mid-stream to receive

I wandered in dreamswept scapes

Empowered within the light through love

What was this sounding so delightful?

As all souls gathered singing their blueprint

Harmonies bled as one


Never wanting to awaken from the dream

I soared through this sky scape

Whispering to the mountains on high

Stepping forward


Raising my arms skyward

I fell into the world of understanding

Taking my place amongst the Beloved Ones

No longer hiding in the shadows

Now awake

I sang

Free from fear, free from strife

I chanted the mantras, I worshipped the dance

Spilling love over this other world’s dreamscapes

Divine even in the darkest corners

Dripping in devotion’s Shadowland

I stood steady on my own

Signatures of wisdom circled across the skies

Deeper understandings surfaced in the face of fear’s decay

My opening into compassion’s world delighted

I stretched my healing and breathed into the after light


My world

This Gaia

Began her changeling ways 


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