Dancing the Silence

Beyond reason
Beyond time
My belly ripe with the season
Echoing a now lost understanding
Curious and wanting
I waited for you

As moments beckoned inconsistent
But true
I paced then sat
Still yet with movement unending
Lies offering solace
Stories thick with woe

I sat facing a darkening sky
Sketched in twilight’s grays
Yet still filled with color
The hand of Ma in constant motion
An ever joyous reverie
Dipping into sunset’s surrender

Each of Her brush strokes
Offering a new tale
Inspired by yesterday’s journey
I remained still
Silent excepting my heartbeat
As the wind rushed past my ears

The music of the spheres expressing
Through nature’s dance
Hands offering wonder
As mudras held the stories
The heavens ever blackening
Calling to me in stillness’ wonder

I reached within my heart
Grabbing onto the pain
And in one fell swoop
Emptied myself of yesterday’s fascination
Shadows still danced
Pulsating rhythm echoing the silence

I wondered light’s fantastic play
Would She remember the dawn?
Sitting back in reverie
I witnessed Her calling
Then waited for silence to fill my heart
Stillness relentless, shameless, echoing my awakening

Perhaps it was the moments in between
Perhaps it was in the reverie belying tomorrow
Never understanding the cause
I forged fully into darkening sunsets
And whispered into mantra’s blessings
While waiting in the moonlight

The tinkling of angelic choirs sounded
Gracefully spinning their tales of time
Softly cooing, joyfully sounding
They moved through the body electric
Echoing the music of spheres
Twilight’s reflecting gaze gave rise

My heart expanded beyond all capacity
And as I entered this realm of purity
I burst into millions of pieces
Merging with each star’s message
I sounded the call of beginnings
And nestled soundly into my purpose

Where was this story to begin?
And where was it to end?
Never before had I whispered truth
With such ferocity of form
I surrendered to the cause
Slipping easily into the journey

Come play with me dear ones
As I help us to remember the simplicity
Of grace’s first heavenly call
And offer a mystery through our history
A womb-filled beginning
Of playful unending beauty….