Sweet Surrender

I woke as in a dream shivering

Pellet sharp rain whipped my vacant mind

Frenzied firelight shown shadows bright

I crooked my neck skyward

Soaking in the elements ringing wanton


I opened to sound’s reverent call

Wind omed in joyous abandon

Water drummed heart’s constant beat

Creviced creeks sculpted Earth’s muddied skin

Lightening skies churned thunderous applause


I closed my eyes denying life’s cycle

My cheeks froze red as the storm’s sacred breath refused

Me dreaming of early summer’s ocean breezes

The sleet trained down to earth

A torrential display of rage-filled delight


I turned to heaven’s stars reflecting

Mantras sounding luminous   

Orchestrating each element’s divine note

Wandering through dreamscapes wild

I surrendered to the night unknown


From the Goddess I was born

And to her I will return

Her song fills my dreams

Her dance widening deep

Her light mirroring my soul


I lie in the morning’s soft light

Gently renewing

Breathing lightly

Waking to the dream

Joy stirring…tickling in sweet surrender


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