I Walked the Silence

I walked the silence

Both free and bound

The ground smelled cool

Inhaling deeply imbedded earth’s delight

I sensed a new beginning

Spring had come to join me

Light washed through the tree’s canopy

Issuing an opening

I stepped forward warily

Breathing in the dew-swept greens

Feeling the cool rush of the sun’s rays

I opened my arms to receive Ma’s blessing

My heart and mind expanded

As I twirled in the Sun’s caress


Tilting my head back so far

The crown of trees became my gateway

Divine madness

I soaked it in

I received a breath

The odor of the greens

Filled me with wild awakening

Each embrace of the Divine’s

Devoured me in ever deepening love

Each breathe, each moment of witnessing

Led me closer to the membrane of time

Where once slipping through I would be no more

The I that I am would melt away


Prepared for the weight of awakening

I slipped once again into present time

And she stood before me

Her smile benign, full of understanding

The canopy of giant trees barely covered her crown

Her lips enticing in her silence

Parted just slightly so

They carried a simple irony in their smile

A breeze opened my heart

Devotion-filled dawn kissed my ajna

I awakened to the sun’s rays

Pressing her finger upon my crown

Just so

A tattoo opened into the light

My internal flame exploded


Taking my hand, we lifted up


The sun now liquid effervescence

Cool in its caress

The air sprinkled glittery dew drops

Allowing the ascension ease

We soared

First with the crows

Then with cranes

At last with Dakinis delighting

Their songs spiraling through my heart

I opened to the sun’s rays

Seeming now more a cooling ocean

Than a scorching flame

We merged into the light with ease

Swimming within this sea of gold

Whispering tales of earth-bound memories

Once so important

Becoming distant and forgotten


My mind, heart, womb

Melted into the sun’s cool sea

I exploded into the awakening

Breathing it in

I opened my eyes

To see her gazing into mine

We soared once again

Expanding into a love so sweet

Merging with the Angelic choir

As each individual soul chanted

Their singular bija refrain

I melted into the liquid-like energy essence

Becoming one

In silence