I emerged through water’s delight

Whispering sweet memories

Sailing on the wings of time

Sailing on the heart’s essential repetition


I dipped into memories strange

Always seeking a story long forgotten

Echoing a sonnet’s rhyme

Echoing the night filled with passion’s embrace


I surrendered my mind to your words

Long lost images pass through the twilight

Recalling the strangest of dreams

Recalling the tender touch of midnight’s dawn


I wandered nights drenched in soma

Longing to hear your voice

Embracing your emergence

Embracing the magic never-ending


I opened my heart and flew

Angelic harmonies drum mantras strange

Touching every soul’s womb song

Touching the light fantastic


Sailing on spirit’s sweet surrender

Echoing the psyche’s lost memories

Recalling the touch of your soul

Embracing the dream’s deep midnight

Touching the shadow’s gentle twilight


I breathe in your wanderlust

As I walk in silence behind you

Stepping into your footprints

Leaving not a trace behind

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