Empty Full

Swooning into life’s reverie

I dip into the ocean of love

I cry in the seas of thunder

I laugh in the wilds of the night

I shine in the tenderness of tolerance

While soaring in the sea,

Dipping in the ocean

Beholding life


Holding blame in yesterday’s corner

I bounce on clouds of laughter

I dance in forest’s sweet meadows

I churn where understanding whispers

I snuggle in memories ablaze

While moments melt into yearning

Lifting out of shadows

Embracing light


Dancing an empty traveler’s sonnet

I bleed life’s conditions

I bleed life’s time

I bleed life’s control

I bleed life’s desire

While the fire bleeds ashen snow

Collapsing in dawn’s delight

Surrendering knowledge

Empty full

Swirling infinite in tomorrow’s reverie

I beg for time borrowed in twilight

I crush the noose tightening with laughter

I swim through desert’s trembling

I embrace wild eyes imagined

While dreaming lies kindly whispered

Adoring a star studded midnight

Melting shadows

Empty full

Life remembered burns lullabies cold with syncopation

I stoke the blood fires scalding time’s march

I fill my belly with new-found memories

I chant the mantras blistering night’s trance

I submerge my being, my light, my body

Into the essence of love’s great chasm

And it is this, only this

Keeping me


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