Clicking Heels…

I touch the air

She swallows me whole

Bending on the wings of time I search

Wearing ruby slippers

Clicking my heels

Percussive voices echo

“There’s no place like home”


An ever expanding circle of craving grows

Once earth bound in wanton desire

Now floating, sailing high amongst the clouds

Gaia serves as a traveling sister

Awakening from a dream delighting


Music never before heard astounding

Wraps its heavenly wings around my heart

And I soar even higher

Looking down upon the clouds

Just above me twilight heavens await

Sprinkling stars in dew drops delighting


Songs simple as brandy wine

Play abandoning all notions of harmony

Yet the chaos marks an ever expanding choir of souls

Every chord shares harmony as one

Every angel on high celebrating the return home


The sun’s cool fire recedes

Allowing safe passage

As the night is born

Deep, thick, comforting

Once again I hear my name called

Celestial tales offer songs delighting


Am I hearing illusion-filled want?

Or is the clarity of vision so alive

No fantasy penetrates?

The world shrinks from view

As voices bleed melting into one


The ancient sound of Ma whispering

Sweet nothings

Honeyed mantras

Her eternal embodiment igniting my Dharma


I hear my name

A song rich yet without words

As voices ring out in joyous harmony

Recalling the Siren’s song


A salve rich with the healer’s embrace

Surrounded by love

Calling me home…

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