Healing mercies tender and strange

Waking past midnight feeling deranged

Wondering whether the depth where we met

Emptied sweetly in conscious regret


Dancing joyous where others fear treading

Chanting glorious her secrets unending

I chose to remain where others flew away

Offering roses and chocolate in sweet summer’s play


Time marched forward constant and steady

I gazed into heaven wondering if I was ready

Yet walking the path we are left with no choice

I dove in with my heart, my light and my voice


Wholly surrendering myself to the fire

I bowed to Ma who promptly threw me on the pyre

Her burnt chard lips opened wide drenched in blood

Her skin black coal, her feet soiled in mud


She whispered mantras in my ear ‘til I surrendered

Then devoured me whole as I moaned in constant splendor

I filled my body with hers and she screamed

Rejoicing that my world would awaken from the dream


Was it time? Was I steady? Could I wander through the night?

She offered her skull and we soared in joyous flight

A puppet skeleton surrendered in devotion

I no longer needed any magical potion


Her ink-black eyes pierced pools of lusty pleasure

As she painted tattoos revealing buried treasure

My skin now blackened, a map of her designing

My body her toy, my soul her divining


My queendom now full of Her tender, pure grace

I step forward past time in synchronic pace

I bow to the world, my once earth-bound karmas

And open my arms to Ma’s sweet, blessed dharmas