Crossing Boundaries

Crossing boundaries

Wicked lies

Wandering wonders

Offered cries


Bowing to altars

Steeped in illusion

Buying power

With all its confusion


Planting seeds

Thoughts crumbled to dust

Clouding vision

As minds turned to rust


Howling the heavens

Corrupted by fear

Seeking glitter-filled skies

Yet none dared appear


They danced dark’s arising

With answers to whys

Offering gifts

Where weakness abides


Fear opens doors

When minds live in tomorrow

Conjuring lies

In shadow’s deep sorrow


Nothing is sacred

When demons run rampant

Yet staying centered

Offers true heart’s enchantment


Heaven’s gates opened

Devis pledged love light tender

Offering visions

Of Mother’s pure splendor


Stars sang her mantras

The night filled with delight

Whispering moon songs

We surrendered our fright


As the storm calmed

Hearts filled with compassion

Sprinkling Heaven

With purposeful action


We prayed for the sacred

We bowed to what’s right

We honored the choices

We surrendered to light


Now fully intoning

Love’s magical ways

We entered Ma’s heart

Through moonlight’s soft rays


We wandered night’s bounty

We wandered night’s light

We prayed for compassion

Then took off in pure flight