Consuming Fires Igniting

i buckle

in surrender

now full in pieces


i hopscotch into innocence

landing in Mother’s arms

baring my soul

baring my world

remembering nothing yet everything


i expand

in wonderment

now empty of want


i bow in memories dear

visions pass through the cavern’s of my heart

still wishing for the return

still hoping for completion

dreaming of rhapsody’s sweet splendor


i create

in devotion

now spinning in joy


dreams pass away

ever-consuming fires burn deep

karmas relinquish their hold

karmas blow in the wind

unwinding into yesterday’s understanding


i fly

in freedom

now awake with visions


rebuilding crumbles yesterday’s belief

the awakening accelerates

visions offer hope

visions open windows

allowing the gathering to offer salvation


i sing

in grace

now fully present


the many selves become the one

the expansion becomes self evident

circling in the wake

circling in the now

while all parts disintegrate into union