bookMystic Wayfarer – One Soul’s Journey Into Light

Book of Inspirational Poetry by Kristina Sanborn.

A poetry book dedicated to the healing of souls.

bookSipping Tea with Golden Kobe

Life Lessons I am learning through my Golden Retriever Kobi…along with his side kicks…

The book is currently in the works.

In the meantime…every month Kristina throws a bone of a story she has observed from her four legged children, Kobi and Oscar along with their newest addition…Lita. [visit website]

bookLonely Tree

A fable for out times…more Lonely Tree adventures just around the corner…


bookThe Novel

My First…A Mystical Science Fiction…This is my current project…just finished the first draft of Chapter Three

5000 years ago a small blue planet sent a commission to earth and our world was changed forever….

screenplayOrion’s Belt

Screenplay by Kristina Sanborn.

Katharine’s world interweaves between the living and the dead

screenplayMystic Baboon

Screenplay by Kristina Sanborn

A fictional tale inspired by the life of HP Blavatsky

screenplayHenry’s Lies

Screenplay by Kristina Sanborn.

Henry’s world collapses when she must finally bare all and tell the truth about her life.


Kristina’s latest poetic inspirations

Kristina’s poetry book Mystic Wayfarer was published in 2013.  You can find it in all the major distribution channels.  She continues to write compiling for the next book.  Here is where you can read the latest…